PESHAWAR - Television anchor and social worker Reham Khan here on Friday visited the Hunger Strike camp of young doctors in Peshawar.

She expressed deep concern over the baton-charge of police on the peaceful protester, where a dozen of doctors was seriously injured.

Earlier, she visited different wards and enquired about the health of various doctors, injured during the protest.

She expressed sympathies with the doctors’ community and condemned the provincial government policy to privatize the hospitals.

Addressing the Hunger Strike Camp, Reham Khan said that Post Graduate Medical Institute was a model entity which was providing training to the doctors to enhance their capacity.

The Punjab government has strengthened PGMI in Lahore and this government is trying to deprive the doctors of this valuable asset, she said.

She condemned the baton-charge over the protesting doctors and asked the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to hold an inquiry and punish those police personnel who tortured the serving doctors inside the hospital.

She said that, on June 20, she would visit Hayatabad Medical Complex to express sympathies with the doctors’ community.

On this occasion, Young Doctors Association President Gulab Noor Afridi said that their demands regarding the restoration of Post Graduate Medical Institute were genuine and they would continue their struggle until its complete restoration.

He added that the future of doctors is attached with this institute and if this institute was abolished then it will affect the registration of all teaching hospitals of the city.

Gulab Noor Afridi briefed Reham Khan regarding major issues and thanked her for visiting Lady Reading Hospital to enquire about the health of the injured doctors.

According to details, Young Doctors are on strike for the last 25 days against privatization of the hospitals and abolishment of Post Graduate Medical Institute.

They were also demanding compensation for the family of three doctors who was killed in various incidents, however, after the government assurance and issuing of notification this demand was fulfilled.