ISLAMABAD - Supreme Court on Friday gave one more opportunity to Senator Nehal Hashmi to respond to the contempt of court show cause notice and asked him to be fair with the court.

Hashmat Habib, representing the PML-N Senator, filed an application and contended his client does not have the video and transcript of Nehal Hashmi’s speech therefore those should be supplied to him.

A three-member bench, headed Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan, directed Attorney General for Pakistan to supply video and transcription of speech. Following the order, AGP Ashtar Ausaf handed over both things to Hashmi’s counsel in the courtroom.

Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed asked the senator that in the first hearing he had told the court of having reply in his hand then why now he is asking for transcript of the speech. Justice Ejaz said: “We want to be fair with him [Hashmi] and he should also be fair to this court.”

Justice Ijaz-ul-Ahsan asked the senator why he didn’t demand the transcript in the first hearing, adding the whole world knows about it. The judge asked the counsel that the video could be obtained from the Google and YouTube.

The lawyer replied that he did not need video of speech from Google but wanted the copy of the video on which the court has action and sent a show cause notice to his client.

He said injustice has been done to his client and his whole career has been destroyed. Hashmat further said: “My client being a senior lawyer respects the judiciary and bows before this court and cannot even imagine extending threats to judges as alleged in any circumstances.

The three-judge bench was hearing the suo motu on Nehal Hashmi’s remarks allegedly against the JIT and members of the implementation bench of the Panama case.

The court in its short order stated that on the first day of hearing he (Hashmi) had requested the bench to give sometime to a file reply and they had granted him a chance while on the second hearing he appeared before the court in person and requested to grant time to engage a counsel.

But today (Friday) he appeared before the court along with his counsel and told that he does not have the transcript copy and requested he should be provided the transcript so that he could file the reply.

“In the interest of justice, we give him one more chance,” Justice Ejaz said. Hashmi’s counsel requested the court to grant 10 days time, but the court directed him to file reply before or on June 23.

According to the application, Hashmi was issued a show cause notice on June 5 and was asked to file reply by 16-06-2017. It says that the show cause notice was issued on the basis of transcript speech, which was telecast in various TV channels, containing allegations of threat.

The application further said that the statement of allegations was not supplied to him with the notice, adding it appears that telecast speech was prepared out of context therefore a complete transcript of speech and portion of its telecast on channels should be provided to him.

Hashmat Habib requested the court to issue direction to stop proceeding against his client in courts in Karachi.

The case is adjourned until next Friday.