ZAFARWAL - The activists of Wapda Hydroelectric Union locked the Gepco office in tehsil Zafarwal and went on strike on Thursday.

The executive engineer told the media that there are two groups that claimed to be the employees’ unions and when one group works, the other goes on strike. One group is led by Akbar Ali Bajwa and the second group is headed by Iqbal.

Both the groups lock the offices and went on strike however, the XEN ordered the workers to perform their duties. He XEN also told media that Akbar Ali Bajwa is receiving Rs5,000 as dangerous allowance without doing any work and Rs8000 as TADA allowance which is equal to SDO’s allowance. However, he said, when he is asked to do his duty he takes all his group members along and locks the office as a protest.  He said that the department was facing a loss of millions of rupees due to which common public has to pay the loss as recovery.  The department has suspended and has started inquiry against Akbar Ali Bajwa and his group members, said the XEN. He also applied for FIR registration against the culprits as they have caused a loss of millions of rupees to department.