LAHORE    -  The Jamaat-i-Islami on Sunday launched its campaign against price hike, growing unemployment and what it calls IMF’s slavery on Sunday.

Though a closed holiday, a large number of people took part in the JI march on The Mall.

The next such march would be held at Faisalabad on June 23.

Addressing the participants, JI chief Senator Sirajul Haq said his party could not remain silent on the government’s indifferences to hardships of the masses. It would mobilize the nation against injustice and oppression and launch a full-fledged movement for this purpose.

He made it clear that the JI would not join any campaign aiming at securing the release of people put into jails.

Critical of the government policies, Senator Sirajul Haq said the government had removed elected Finance Minister Asad Umar and inducted an “IMF agent” in his place and handed over to him the keys of the public exchequer as well.

The march participants carried banners condemning the unending price spiral, ever increasing unemployment and the government decisions placing the homeland in IMF slavery.

JI Secretary General Amirul Azeem, JI deputy chiefs Dr Farid Ahmed Piracha and Abdul Ghaffar Aziz, were also present. JI Lahore chief Zikrullah Mujahid was among the speakers.

Sirajul Haq said that the next year budget had resulted in the raise in the prices of essential items, including pulses, wheat flour, sugar, cement, cooking oil, and multiplied the miseries of the common man. The prices of medicines had also increased enormously.

Sirajul Haq said that out of the next year budget, a huge sum of Rs. 2,828 billion would go to the payment of interest on loans. He said the real objective was to chain the country through heavy loans and then to usurp its independence.

Referring to a recent statement made by the prime minister that governing the country was not much difficult, the JI chief said if the Prime Minister had been aware of the hardships of the masses, especially hunger and poverty, he would not have uttered these words.


The JI chief said on assuming his office the prime minister had promised that he would not tell a lie to the nation. But now he was taking U- turns on every issue. He recalled that Imran Khan had also said that begging from the IMF was tantamount to committing suicide but now he had given the economic system and the public exchequer under the control of the IMF.

Recalling that the prime minister had pledged to make Pakistan a Madina-like state, the JI leader said it was regrettable that now he was even uttering objectionable remarks about the companions of the holy Prophet (PBUH)

He was critical of the government for raising the expenses for Hajj and Umrah.