Lahore   :  The Lahore Environmental Society and the Lahore Environment Bar Association held a seminar in connection with World Environment Day at the office of Environment Protection Tribunal. Welcome address was delivered by chief guest Justice Jawad Hassan. Besides the chief guest, the seminar was also attended by Justice Aesha A Malik and Justice Ali Baqir Najafi who addressed the participants on the environment protection. Addressing the attendees, Lahore Environmental Society Secretary General M Yasin Hatif said, “We should make efforts on collective as well as individual levels to fight environmental pollution.” He termed the environmental pollution one of the most serious problems of the world. Environmental pollution is one of the most serious issues being faced by the humanity and other living species on the planet today. “Pollutants can be naturally occurring substances or energies, but they are considered contaminants when in excess of natural levels. Any use of natural resources at a rate higher than nature’s capacity to restore itself can result in pollution of air, water, and land,” he said. The expert said that due to contamination of the physical and biological components of the earth system, the processes of the normal environment are affected adversely.