The Kech Bridge is located in the southern area of Turbat and multiple rivers flow in it. The Bridge is the source due to which thousands of people are able to visit the city in flood seasons. But, currently, the Bridge is in danger due to the recent flood that has brought destructions in entire Makran area where due to the overflow of water the Kech Bridge is in a dangerous condition and has broken down with having major cracks. The transportation of vehicles, cycles and cars are unable to cross the bridge.

Being a student, I have greatly suffered from issues while crossing the Kech River Bridge. The immediate actions are unseen for repairing and reconstructions of the affected bridges which can cause dangerous accidents in future.

So, I humbly request to the Government of Balochistan and concerned authority to start the reconstruction of the Kech River’s Bridge to decrease the issues of the people for transportation. I hope that immediate actions will be taken on this actionable issue.


Turbat, June 11.