The new selected Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi was congratulated by our Prime Minister Imran Khan. I really appreciate Imran Khan who wants to bring peace in both countries. There is a strong possibility of better ties. Similarly, the spokesperson said that Imran Khan reiterated his vision for peace, progress and prosperity in South Asia and expressed that “he looks forward to work with Prime Minister Modi to advance these objectives” Modi referred to his earlier suggestion to Pak PM Khan to fight against poverty jointly which is a curse in both countries.

When Khan tweet about peace process, Modi responded in a Twitter message thanking his arch-rival for his good wishes and saying he wanted peace in the region and the upcoming weeks Imran Khan and Modi are likely to visit in London to watch world cup cricket matches and after a prolonged tension, Pakistan and India are hopeful of a meeting between the Pakistani and Indian Prime Minister in the United Kingdom in the same week of June. This is really a great source to bring peace in the region and it would be beneficial for both countries to step forward towards development and advancement.


Kech, June 10.