The mega event of cricket; world cup 2019 is underway these days in the United Kingdom in which ten cricket teams around the world are competing in the event. The event has now entered into an interesting phase and picture is now slightly clearing that which team would likely to qualify for the semi-finals.

Quite a few matches have so far been abandoned due to rain and as a result, teams have got one point each. ICC should re-visit their policy to award one point each to teams if their match is abandoned due to rain as in this case, the weaker team enjoys the advantage of getting a point while stronger team suffers and loses one point with no reason and such point scoring affects the overall standing of the teams and would definitely affect teams to such an extent that they might be disqualified for the semi-finals or vice versa without playing matches.

The world cup is supposed to be won by the best team of the world and the best team can only be identified if they get the chance to compete with each other and come out as a winner. So it would be much better that rain stoppage matches should be played some other day so that every team gets the chance to compete with each other.


Karachi, June 11.