LOS ANGELES-Sienna Miller has an ‘’intuitive reaction to scripts’’.

The 37-year-old actress has admitted to making instantaneous judgements on film scripts, deciding whether or not to accept a role within moments of reading her prospective lines. She shared: ‘’I have a pretty intuitive reaction to scripts. I know it’s something that I’m desperate to do when I have a vision of how to do it, instantaneously.

‘’Sometimes I get offered things and I feel like I could do it standing on my head, and I have to be careful of that because, if I get lazy, it’s not so good. And then, of course, there are things that I read that I love, but it doesn’t feel right.

‘’There’s not much more to it than that for me.’’ The Hollywood star also revealed she’d be interested in starring in a ‘’limited series’’, although she doesn’t see herself making the transition until later in her career.

For the moment, Sienna is determined to enjoy a ‘’variety of experiences’’.

Asked about the possibility, she told Collider: ‘’I like the idea of limited series. I can’t imagine playing the same person for seven years. ‘’I love watching those shows, and I think they’re epic, but I would go mad. I’m too restless to stay with something. Maybe when I’m in my 50s, I could see how that would be a great thing to explore, to spend time with a character and age with it, and go on a journey.