ISLAMABAD          -          The government has set a target to produce about 4,995 thousand tonnes of meat during year 2020-21 to fulfil the domestic requirements as well as for export. The domestic production of meat during the year 2019-20 was estimated at 4,708 thousand tonnes, which was grew by 5.14 per cent, according to an official document. During the period under review, beef production targets were fixed at 2,380 thousand tonnes as output of meat during 2019-20 was increased by 3.41 per cent and stood at 2,308 thousand tonnes. Meanwhile, mutton production targets for fiscal year starting from July 1, was fixed at 765,000  tonnes as compared to the production of 748,000  tonnes of same period last year.

To fulfil the domestic requirements of local poultry meat, 1,809,000 tonnes of poultry meat would also be produced during the financial year 2020-21. The poultry production during last year had witnessed about 9.16 per cent growth as about 1,657,000 tonnes of poultry meat produced as compared to its production targets of 1,657,000 tonnes.

It is worth mentioning here that the allied sub-sectors of agriculture including livestock, dairy, poultry and fisheries have the potential to play a vital role in national food security, food diversity and the overall economy. The government had also initiated backyard poultry farming projects and provided poultry birds.