KARACHI            -         District administration of Karachi West was contemplating to impose smart lockdown in 16 different union councils pertaining to its five districts so as to counter surge in the coronavirus cases during recent past.

According to available details, Baldia, Gadap, Kemari,Orangi and SITE towns in the district have been identified as the worst hit in terms of COVID- 19 positive cases with 149 registered in UC-Four, Metroville in SITE area followed by 134 cases at UC-Five, Saeedabad in Baldia Town.

Areas recommended for soft lockdown in Baldia include Naval Colony, UC-Three Islam Nagar (37 cases); Sector 4C and 8B in UC-4 Nai Abadi (41 cases), Area 5G, 5J, A3 in Saeedabad, UC - 5 (134 cases); Afridi Colony - Muslim Mujahid UC-6 (27 cases); Muhajir Camp - Kokan Colony - UC 7 (30 cases). 

Gulshan-e-Maymar, Khuda ki Basti in UC - 5 Songal along with Surjani sector L-1,5C, 5D,4B,4C,7A in Gadap Town with 71 cases in total during last one day were among the recommended list of areas.

Keamari Town affected areas were cited to include Saeedabad Masjid Road  and Umer Khan Road, Bhutta Village - UC One (20 cases), Habib School Street  UC-Two Sultanabad (34 cases) and Docks - Majeed Colony UC - Three in Kemari (47 cases).

Areas suggested for lockdown in Orangi include Christian Colony, UC-6 Ghaziabad (41 cases), Area 7A/B sector 8, UC 11 - Data Nagar (31 cases) UC 12 Mujahid Colony encompassing Millatabad, Gulfamabad = Aligarh Colony.(27 cases).

UC- 4, in Metroville (149) followed by sector 4&5 UC Six Frontier Colony (44 cases) along with Islamia and Subhani Mohalla UC 4 Banaras in SITE area (28 cases).In view of the number of cases authorities have called for needed intervention in the interest of the inhabitants and for those visiting these localities.  

In a letter to Deputy Commissioner Karachi West, District Health Officer (DHO) Dr Shafique Ahmad identified 16 union councils in Karachi’s West where smart lockdown should be imposed. In Kemari, UC-1 Bhutta Village which includes Saeedabad Masjid Road and Umer Khan Road, UC-2 Sultanabad which includes the Habib Public School street and UC-3 Kemari which includes Docks and Majeed Colony.

In Baldi, UC-3 Islama Nagar which includes Naval Colony, UC-4 Naiabadi which includes sectors 4C and 8B, UC-5 Saeedabad which includes Area 5G, 5J and A3.UC-6 Muslim Mujahid which includes Afridi Colony and UC-7 which includes Mujahir Camp and Kokan Colony.

In SITE, UC-4 Metroville’s entire area has been identified as a hotspot while UC-6 Frontier Colony’s sectors 4 and 5 have been included. In UC-7 Banaras, Islamia and Subhani Muhalla have been identified.

In Orangi, UC-6 Ghaziabad’s Christian Colony, UC-11 Data Nagar’s area 7A/B sector 8 and UC-12 Mujahid Colony’s Millatabad, Gulfamaad Aligarh Colony have been identified as coronavirus hotspots.

According to reports, there are 70 positive coronavirus cases in different UC’s of Gadap, 100 confirmed cases in Kemari UC’s, Baldia Town has confirmed 269 Covid-19 cases, while Site area has reported 221 cases so far.

Meanwhile, District Health Officer (DHO) East, in a letter, has recommended areas in Karachi that should be put under lockdown due to the rising number of coronavirus cases.

According to DHO East cases being reported in Pehlwan Goth, Gulzar-e-Hijri, Faisal Cantonment, PECHS Block 2, Soldier Bazar, Jamshed Quarter and Metroville are very high and should be placed under lockdown.a