Milk is a primary source of nutrition and is considered the “sacred food” in many parts of the world. However, the sanctity of the sacred does not always remain. Milk adulteration is quite an issue in Pakistan. Milk consumers are poached by salesmen to consume processed milk, and it seems that with the recent initiatives introduced by the government, this may go a long way.

Whether it is the introduction of the milk pasteurization law, according to which loose milk is to be banned completely by 2022, or by random unsolicited checks by the Punjab Food Authority, the Punjab government is leaving no stone unturned. To ensure the provision of quality milk, another initiative was taken: the inauguration of the Milk Mobile Testing Laboratories. The purpose of launching this program is to ensure the provision of adulteration free milk to the general public. Mobile milk testing laboratories will be made functional at all the six entry points to Lahore. Each vehicle carrying milk will be checked by the newly established authority and will only be allowed to enter the city if the product is up to quality standards. Initially, the respective pilot project will be functional only in the districts of Lahore but shall soon extend to other districts in Punjab. As responsible citizens, we must play our part and support such initiatives to ensure that the milk we consume is of the highest standards.