On account of unsatisfactory public transport system in the country, the people are compelled to arrange for a personal transport. The mobility being an essential part of life, those who cannot afford cars keep motorcycles. One, thus, finds a mushroom of motorcycles occupying the roads. Motor bike being the family transport, it is not uncommon to see a couple riding their bike with four children, from an infant to ones of school-going age tucked in-between going merrily along totally unwary of the hazards of their ride. Being a senior citizen I recall the pre-partition days when a Gora Sahib used to ride a motorbike with his Maim sahib gracefully accompanying in the sidecar attached to it. These sidecars were seen on the road for some time after partition too but eventually vanished. I think it is time to re-introduce them especially for those who cannot afford to buy a car but have enough vigour to produce half a dozen or more children. The sidecar attached to a two-wheeler will make it a safe carriage for the conveyance of the entire family. - RAFI NASIM, Lahore, March 12.