In January 1989 Bush Sr was sworn in as 41st President of United States of America. After his oath on the steps of the Congress building he was supposed to drive down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House. Reagan the 40th Head of State left the capital in a helicopter, while Bush Sr walked to the Presidential Mansion. Bush Sr was clearly a product of the Washington DC Power Magnets. As former Head of CIA and permanent representative of USA to the UN he was an insider. Unlike Reagan he had no charisma and was more of a manager than leader who could follow and implement the establishment's agenda. During his term the world changed drastically. Soviet Union collapsed and the Berlin Wall came down. There were invasions in South America, Noriega was removed in the Panama and Sandinistas were destabilised in Nicaragua. The world became unipolar. When his term ended it was widely believed that he was easily electable as such he did not campaign hard. Bill Clinton who won the democratic nomination was considered a novice and no match to a sitting president who had made world history. But Bush's defeat in the presidential elections of 1992 proved to be an establishment retreat. Clinton and his Vice President Al-Gore tried to reform the system and the US might was used for peace and prosperity both at home and abroad. However, after eight years of pro-people policies of the Clinton Administration, the evil empire started to re-assert itself. Another implementer of the US-finished establishment agenda was selected. At that time Bush Jr was the governor of Texas. Al-Gore won the democratic nomination to face Bush Jr in a very close election in year 2000. But the ballot in Florida was disputed. Jeff Bush came to rescue and there was a stalemate. Finally the Supreme Court intervened and Bush Jr was sworn in as the 43rd president of the world's only superpower. He was re-elected in 2004 and finally has now moved out of office on January 20, 2009 after eight years of disgraceful leadership. Perhaps Bush Jr will go down in history as the worst president ever. Conflict, destruction, turmoil, economic mismanagement, lawlessness and lies will be his legacy. He got away with tyranny in the oldest democracy and that too in the 21st century which is heralded as the information age. The presidential ballot in 2008 could also have been manipulated had it not been due to the ethical conduct of John McCain - a war hero and senator from Arizona. Obama did not have to face the crooks as Al-Gore did in 2000. The people of US have clearly rejected the Bush Jr agenda and the establishment has been forced to retreat after eight years of deceit and plunder. Thank God the Bush era is finally over. Hopefully the Yankee Adventurism will come to an end. Surprisingly, ex-president Bush (Jr) was received in Texas by a small groups of supporters. He seemed satisfied and content with his performance in the White House. In his address there was no remorse or apology for the worldwide mess he had created in the name of security and War On Terror. As president of the world's only superpower he could have eliminated the root cause of extremism through statesmanship instead he opted for terror and use of brute force. The US economy was strong after the eight years of Clinton Administration. Budget deficit had been transformed into surplus and average American was better off but Bush Jr neutralised the gains of the previous presidency and assembled a team of rustlers and thugs whose only ambition in life was power and money. Military interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan have been disastrous both for the fighting factious and the rest of the world. No country in the world has the muscle to stand up to the American fury but consolidation 21st doctrine of invading and then installing puppet regimes has badly failed. Bush (Jr) unlike his father was poor manager and quite like his father lacked charisma of leadership. He could neither lead nor manage. The job was clearly too big for him. Visibly the 'Hidden Hands' were in control of the levers of power. As Commander-in-Chief he relied heavily on his Secretary of Defence Rumsfield and ignored professional advice of the generals. His approach was based more on adventurism than reason and logic. The thugs around him got richer and richer while he acted as their front man and finally when the economy collapsed he came up with a bailout package to save the sharks at the cost of the common man. He led America with fear that many believe was self-inflicted. This agony was then spread around the globe and Pakistan being an ally of the US continues to suffer even after the expiry of his term of office. Coming out of the shadows of this evil empire will not be easy for Obama and his team of professionals. Pakistan has to re-align its priorities and approach. Now that sanity has returned to the White House. The new US administration will cut its losses and put their own house in order. As a nation, we too have to stand up for our interests and work for the welfare of our people. History will finally give its verdict on the Bush (Jr) presidency, while the world recovers from his heavy handed approach of awe and fury. After his eight years in power it has been proven that absolute powers can only produce disasters not miracles for mankind. 21st century has proven to be an era of disinformation, thanks to the Bush Evil Empire. The writer is an ex-chairman of the Pakistan Science Foundation.