LAHORE The City Police, Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) and other law-enforcement agencies in a joint operation seized at least 8,500 kg of low-intensity explosive material, three suicide jackets, three sub-machine guns (SMGs) and a light machine gun (LMG) from some shops near Sabzi Mandi in Allama Iqbal Town, police said on Tuesday. The police on a tip-off raided the shops and recovered 170 bags containing 50kg of explosives each. The material included ammonium nitrate, potassium and calcium nitrate, Allama Iqbal Town Superintendent of Police (SP) Ali Nasir Rizvi said. He said three SMGs and one LMG were also recovered from two shops at Mehran Block Iqbal Town near the Sabzi Mandi, the same neighbourhood from where the police had seized a huge quantity of explosives on Monday. He said Javed Sheikh, owner of the shops Nos. 80 and 81, had been arrested and investigation was underway. Some locals informed the police that some bags were stocked in the said shops. Police along with a CIA team raided the spot and recovered the material, the SP added. He, however, said the explosives were of low-intensity but were sufficient to devastate a vast area. He said the crackdown against terror suspects was in full swing, as the police was committed to foil nefarious designs of the terrorists and extremists. An official of Bomb Disposal Squad, seeking anonymity, disclosed that the ammonium nitrate recovered from the site was made of Pak Arab Company for agriculture use as fertilizer, adding that it could be used with the high-intensity explosives, and it was a very small component of explosives. Meanwhile, SP Investigation Shoaib Khurram, talking to reporters, claimed that the police was closing in on the terrorists, who planned the RA Bazaar twin blasts last week. He said investigation was underway and positive results would be made public within a couple of days.