It is said the foreign policy of a country is determined by its geography. Pakistan is considered the gateway of Asia and is also blessed with resources that are of interest to the whole world. The need is to highlight our unique geographical advantage and untapped natural resources. The aspect that we lack in is strong, vibrant leadership, like we had once in Quaid-e-Azam, that can overcome the economic difficulties with a powerful, visionary foreign policy. Pakistan is located in the heart of South Asia/Middle East region from where trade routes emanate to all sides. Blessed with Karachi and Gwadar ports, the country can provide a route to the Central Asia from Middle East. It has already played a decisive role in Afghanistan in both Afghan wars involving superpowers. Pakistan has direct access, or provides land access to many regions of the world including Middle East, Europe, China and Russia. The foreign relations of Pakistan should not only be designed to establish trade links and routes to the capitalist West but should also seek to establish the same with the communist East Asia. It may well serve as a bridge between the comity of nations. New horizons in the foreign policy of Pakistan would be opened up if policymakers could employ Pakistans strengths as a regional hub. -UMAR MAHBOOB, Lahore, March 13.