What have the Plunderers, Pirates and Perjurers made of my great country? It has gone from bad to worse to finally become the worst in world in the last two years. The infrastructure is ruined, the economy in tatters, the country made subservient to India/UK/USAall because of policies specific to keeping one man in power. First they promulgated the NRO to protect him and withdrew cases about the Swiss bank accounts. Now, it appears, the coalition-cartel of the PPP, MQM, MMA & ANP are even prepared to support use of the 'Sindh card to perpetuate him in power. Although Shahabaz Sharif had only reasoned against the terrorist attacks in Punjab, his statement has been given the most vicious twist to tarnish the image of PML-N in the country. The PPP-MQM combine and their agents among the anchorpersons on TV channels are playing up like hell the death and injuries suffered by Lahorites in the recent dastardly bomb blasts. The MQM has a long history of opportunism, hypocrisy and conspiracy and has immediately started adding fuel to fire by raising the 'Seraiki suba bogey. That is a vicious game plan they are pursuing; disintegrate Punjab and disintegrate Pakistan. -NOORUDIN, Paris, March 16.