ISLAMABAD - Both the Musharraf regime and the incumbent Government cannot be spared from being responsible for what is going to happen in the near future in terms of extensive loadshedding across the country. In the approaching summer, the power shortfall that is being claimed at the moment at 2,500 megawatts would cross 5,500 megawatts and thus would shut off most of the industrial units in the country leaving hundreds of thousands of people jobless. TheNation has learnt that previous regime played a lethal role in power sector by not considering it important to plan for the future. It is learnt that in 2003, Musharraf regime came to know through a report that the demand and supply of electricity would be equal in 2007 and after that an energy crisis might start. But, the sources informed, no plan was prepared to avoid the situation, adding the previous government had enough time, besides resources, to do something in this respect but it did nothing. But the present Government is responsible for the 'transparency that ruined its plan to overcome energy crisis through installation of the Rental Power Project. Certain quarters believe though RPPs have become controversial, yet if the process of allotting projects could be done transparently, the Government could have launched the said project with full strength. The ADB in its report on the RPPs too raised the point of irregularities in the RPPs project. Many officials of the Ministry of Water and Power believe that the Government can decrease the power shortfall. The officials said the misuse of electricity and its theft was a tradition in the country and it was time to create awareness among the masses to stop such practices.