KABUL (AFP) - US President Barack Obama held a video call with Afghan head of state Hamid Karzai to discuss the war on the Taliban and progress in eradicating corruption, the Kabul government said Tuesday. In the Monday teleconference which lasted more than an hour, Obama reaffirmed US long-term commitment for a prosperous and stable Afghanistan, Karzais office said in a statement. Obama and Karzai discussed Afghan efforts at reconciling Taliban fighters, a key part of Kabuls plan to draw low and mid-level insurgent gunmen back to the govt side with promises of jobs and cash. President Karzai briefed the US President on Afghanistans efforts for acceleration of the peace and reconciliation process, which President Obama welcomed and declared support (for), the statement said. Both sides agreed on steps and measures for the follow-up on the commitments made in the London Conference in different areas including security, governance, peace and reconciliation, corruption, transparent elections and regional cooperation, it said. The statement from Afghan Presidents office said Karzai had raised the issue of war victims and those who suffered in the suicide bombings. Karzai also spoke of proxy wars between other countries, the statement said, in a reference to fears of animosity between India and Pakistan, and Iran and the US, being played out on Afghan soil. This is a blanket message to everyone, not only India and Pakistan - Afghanistan is at a very important juncture of its history, it has happened to us in the past whereby we have been destroyed by proxy wars and we do not want that to be repeated, Karzais spokesman Waheed Omar told reporters.