ISLAMABAD - The Constitutional Reforms Committee of the Parliament (CRCP) on Tuesday proposed to empower provinces to install hydropower projects in their respective provinces while it was made binding on the Federal Government to get approval from the provinces before constructing any big dam or hydropower project in their respective areas. The committee, which met under the head of Senator Mian Raza Rabbani, however could not evolve consensus on handing over the control of seaports to the provinces and the mainstream parties including Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) and Pakistan Peoples Party wanted to see ports under the control of Federal Government. Sources aware of the deliberations of the committee informed TheNation that amendment in section-1 of Article 157 of the Constitution was approved on the demand of NWFP under which provinces would be completely free in installation of hydropower projects in their respective areas but the Centre would have to get prior approval from the province before installing project in that province. The sources further informed that MQM was adamant to have the control of provinces over the seaports and some of the members belonging to Baloch nationalist parties also backed MQM demand while ANP had also soften its stand against it. However members belonging to PML (N) and some other parties were of the view that seaports should remain with the Federal Government, as without resources on its disposal, it would be impossible for the Federal Government to retire huge local and foreign loans. As the matter was not resolved yet the committee would take up this issue on Wednesday (today) and hopefully it would hammer out differences, the sources further said. It was further informed by the sources that members belonging to PML(Q) had once again raised the issue of Concurrent List and insisted that it should not be abolished completely and some subjects should be retained. It is pertinent to mention here that on the issue of complete revocation of concurrent list the PML(Q) members had written a dissenting note. The Q-League members once again suggested if the Concurrent List was to go, some of the subjects of Concurrent List should be placed in the Federal Legislative List Part-II so that the Federal Government should have its say in it. The Committee was to take up the issue of sales tax but as the members could not settle the differences on control of the seaports so the matter could not figure for discussion and FBR officials who were especially called to attend the meeting were asked to come again on Wednesday (today) when the matter would come up for discussion.