MULTAN - The comparison of actual list of 90 selected candidates against Grade-1 to 5 posts evolved by the previous Medical Superintendent (MS) of Ch Pervaiz Elahi Institute of Cardiology, Multan with the allegedly fake one prepared by the Additional MS reveals that the latter committed gross irregularities to deprive the selected candidates of their jobs and adjust his hand-picked ones. Six persons, who did not appear for interview, are given appointment letters while another seven are recruited against Ward Cleaner posts without any process as the hospital administration does not possess any record of their recruitment, disclosed the scrutiny. Some candidates, who failed to qualify because of low marks they acquired in the recruitment process, were placed against the ones who qualified by assigning them high marks fraudulently while many others, who submitted applications for one department were adjusted in other departments, it is learnt. The Cardiology Institute administration had interviewed the candidates on August 24 & 25, 2007 and merit list of 90 candidates, who qualified for job, was evolved by the then MS of the Cardiology Institute Dr Fazal-ur-Rehman. However, the AMS (Admn) Dr Wasim Zaidi allegedly tampered the list and issued appointment letters to over 36 ineligible candidates with his signatures while he was not competent authority to issue the letters. Chief Secretary Punjab took notice of bogus recruitment issue after publication of its news in The Nation and issued orders for completion of scrutiny within 24 hours. Though the health authorities had formed the scrutiny committee comprising additional secretary health (admin) Dr Ateeq-ur-Rehman, Deputy Secy Behzad Anwar and AMS Nishtar Dr Zafar Alvi last year, it did not perform its job due to unknown reasons. Now the same committee has started scrutiny. The Executive Director of the Cardiology Institute Dr Ali Raza Gardezi, however, declared both the lists legal, though the issuance of separate lists-one by the competent authority the MS and the other by a non-authorised person AMS-on the same date sounds weird. 'Well, both the lists are legal, responded Dr Gardezi when asked by this scribe as to how double lists of the same recruitment were prepared. However, he declined to comment further, saying the inquiry was underway on this issue. According to the recruitment record available with The Nation, one Ahsan Mehmood, who is working as driver in the hospital, did not appear before the selection board for interview. Five others including Ghazanfar Abbas Junior Clerk, Ubaid Ullah Severman, Sajid Mahmood Plumber, Muhammad Faiz and Zafar Iqbal Ward Boys got jobs under the same circumstance. The either lists contain no record of seven Ward Cleaners namely Ramzan, Fazal Abbas, Qaiser Abbas, Yousaf Masih, Aftab Ahmad, M Ashraf and M Ramzan but they are drawing salaries. Sources confided to this scribe that the recruitment against Ward Cleaner post was postponed by the hospital administration due to certain reasons but the AMS Dr Zaidi issued letters to the aforementioned persons. Similarly, one Waqas Ali applied for Lab Attendant post and stood at 77th number in the waiting list but he was given appointment letter by the AMS. He is drawing salary as a Cook from the hospital kitty. Similarly, one Jawwad Hussain, who is currently working as Ward Boy, actually applied for Lab Attendant post and failed to qualify, but yet he was given appointment letter as Ward Boy. Out of eight Junior Clerks, four were adjusted by the AMS by throwing the selected candidates out. One of the selected junior clerks M Bilal stood 50th in the waiting list while Mubashir Abbas 44th, Hamid Hassan 41st and Hafiz Kashif 42nd. In Ward Attendant category, seven out of total 10 job-winners were adjusted fraudulently. Interestingly, a candidate Sajid Hussain, who was selected by the selection board, was replaced with another candidate with the same name but different father name Sajid Hussain S/0 Muhammad Shafi. Similarly, Zubair Ahmad was not found in any list of Ward Attendant but he was issued job letter while M Rizwan stood 64th in the waiting list, Azhar Abbas 30th, Munawar Hussain 28th, Akhtar Ali 26th and Zia-ur-Rehman Attari 20th but still got the job. Three women Samrin, Shahnaz and Uzma Iqbal, who failed to qualify and landed in the waiting list, were given jobs while the selected ones were denied their seat. For gardener post, two selected candidates Allah Ditta and Mazhar Abbas were replaced with Muhammad Sajid, who stood 66th in waiting list and Ali Asghar 50th in waiting list. The Cardiology Institute administration selected four persons for the post of Cook while the AMS added Zulfiqar Hussain to this list by exercising his discretionary powers. In Lab Attendant category, four selected candidates Usama Zeeshan, Muhammad Asghar Ali, Sarfaraz Ali and Muhammad Rasheed were replaced with Asif Joseph, who had actually applied for Ward Boy seat and stood 14th in waiting list, Waqas Ali 77th, Sajid Hussain 62nd and Muhammad Adnan Mirza 34th in the waiting list. An applicant Sajjad Hussain, who applied for Washerman post and landed at 55th place in waiting list after acquiring 53 marks in the recruitment process, was given appointment letter by the AMS by showing 67.5 marks against his name and kicking Muhammad Noman, the selected one, out. Similarly, one Muhammad Zafar, who was selected against Masalchi post, was replaced with one Azhar Abbas.