WASHINGTON (APP) - US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has reaffirmed the Obama administrations policy to assist Pakistan in ensuring stability and constitutional civilian rule and expressed the confidence that its multi-layered approach to curb al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorist threat in the region will help bring peace and security to Pakistan and Afghanistan. She also stated in an interview that Washington is increasing and broadening its economic assistance for Pakistan. Clearly, you cannot expect to bring stability to Afghanistan without also assisting the Pakistani government in combating terrorism in the region as well. That is why the Presidents new strategy looks to assist Pakistan in ensuring stability and constitutional civilian rule, Clinton told Russian publication The New Times, according to a transcript released by the State Department. On economic aspect of the Obama administrations counter-terrorism strategy, Clinton said We are increasing and broadening our economic assistance to Pakistan with a focus on creating economic opportunity as a means of thwarting extremism. In addition, we are working with Islamabad to strengthen its governmental capacity to ensure that the country as a whole can fight off the terrorist threat from the Taliban and Al-Qaida, Clinton added. At the same time, the chief US diplomat acknowledged the toughness of the regional challenges. We understand that there are no simple solutions to the problems in the region. By adopting an approach that looks to reinforce the economic and governmental capacity of Pakistan and Afghanistan, we will be able to secure our own future security as well as that of the region. She said the ultimate goal of the US strategy is to defeat Al-Qaeda and prevent the militant organisations return to the region. To that end, we have devoted new resources to disrupting terrorist networks in Pakistan and Afghanistan, promoting a more effective Afghan national government that can eventually lead the counter-insurgency and counter-terrorist fight.....By taking this multi-layered approach, we believe we will be able to help bring peace and security to the people of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the region as a whole.