The present political set up and the way this government is being run is disturbing. Every day, there are news about corruption and lawlessness. We hear nothing tangible on it from the rulers. After every bomb blast, hollow, hackneyed announcements are parroted out even though they provide little solace to the common man. Though I am not in favour of dictatorship but the present government has proved beyond doubt that extremely bad dictatorial regimes of the past were actually better than this so-called democracy we have now. The link between rulers, and the ruled, is totally broken today. The rulers live in well-guarded bunkers which are palaces of great luxury. They travel in bullet-proof cars, the royal route cleared and safeguarded by whole armies of security personnel. The opposition is absolutely impotent, anti-corruption committees and NAB absolutely useless. Worst of all, even people have turned corrupt. They keep electing the same corrupt people again and again who have given them nothing. Mr Zardari says he does not fear the death. That may be true but he has cause to fear people of Pakistan. That is why he cannot come out in public. -TURBAT ALI KHAN AFINDI, Peshawar, March 16.