LAHORE - Justice Ijaz Ahmad Choudhry of the Lahore High Court after admitting to hearing the petition filed by DSP Rang Mahal Tuesday appointed Sessions Judge, Lahore to inquire into the allegations levelled by the petitioner that he was forced by his seniors for the release of two dacoits, one of them he had captured red handed. The court has asked the judiciary officer to submit the report of his findings on Wednesday (today). While proceeding with the petition of DSP Imran Babar Jamil the court remarked about the seriousness of the allegations levelled against the police department in this petition in a situation when law and order situation was already alarming. The court observed if the allegation proved true, what credibility the department would command among the people that the police are prone to releasing the dacoits after arresting them. The court remarked if allegations proved true, police department must reform itself and if they fail, action should follow against the petitioner. This inquiry would prove every thing and the same would also go to do good to the department. As to rules and regulations of the services in relation to the departmental inquiry against the DSP, the court said it was not related to the court as subject matter. Earlier the court was informed about constitution of a high level committee at the departmental level and the petitioners reluctance to show up before it. The respondent said the petitioner has moved the court instead of getting his grievance addressed at the departmental level through his superiors in the first instance. The learned judge said the court is only looking into the matter in relation to judicial inquiry for which the petition has been moved. The court did not allow the petitioner to speak when he tried to say something as he was being represented through his counsel. The petitioner counsel Liaqat Qureshi said his client had caught an alleged dacoit Kamal Khan on whose pointation the ring leader Anwar Zeb was also apprehended. He said on that the DSP received various phone calls for release of the accused persons. The law officer countering this argument said, for the determination of the very matter, the committee was set up but the petitioner moved the Court. Liaqat Qureshi urged the court to inquire of the police where the arrested persons were right now and that his client had moved the court to save his own life. DIG Khan Beg present in the court room opposed the judicial inquiry when a committee to probe the matter at the departmental level had already been constituted where the matter can be well taken care of. The court however did not allow the request observing that very serious charges have been raised in the petition whose veracity could be determined properly through the judicial probe.