Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharifs recent statement that Taliban should stop attacking Punjab as both PML-N and the Taliban are against former regimes policy of support of foreign intervention has made headlines. Is the self-professed Khadim-e-Aala of Punjab stating that only those against Taliban should be targeted? Nawaz Leaguess own sympathy with the obscurantist forces is hidden from no one. However, this disgusting statement takes the cake for the way it reflects a crass lack of respect for sacrifices given by people of other provinces. One can expect all sorts of rabid statements from Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif given their past record but this is just too much, even by their standards. People beware If the two brothers are ever voted back into power, they would destroy this nation. If their lust for revenge against Musharraf can make them be on the side of Taliban even when they are not yet not in federal government, imagine what they are going to do if they return to the power throne in Islamabad. -REHAN ZAMIN, Karachi, March 15.