MULTAN(APP) - US Consul General in Lahore Carmela Conroy said on Tuesday that there was trust deficit between Pakistan and US and both the countries should bridge this gap by developing people to people contacts. Delivering lecture on Pak-US relationship, she said that both the countries should work jointly for the protection of their interests. There is strong need to develop balanced ties between the two countries and the trust deficit could be removed by developing people to people contacts, she added. She said some people were not happy over Pak-US friendly ties and fabricating misleading stories to create differences between them. She said India, Pakistan and Kashmiris should resolve Kashmir issue jointly through dialogue which would usher in an era of development in the region. She said US was ready to extend possible cooperation for the solution of the issue. She said 'we want to dispel the impression that US did not care about Pakistan. US had extended cooperation to Pakistan in different fields, she added. She said US had given aid worth $US 7.5 billion to strengthen democratic institutions in Pakistan and ,added, that 'the US respects Pakistans sovereignty. She disclosed that US was also extending cooperation in different sectors including education, health, and supply of safe drinking water to people. She said that US is also offering cooperation to resolve energy crisis in Pakistan and in this connection work is in progress for the installation of four power plants at Tarbela, Jamshoro, Muzaffargarh and Guddu. US was also offering scholarships to thousands of Pakistani students studying in US varsities, she stressed.