LAHORE Lawyers in the City Tuesday observed 'Restoration Day of Judiciary on the completion of one year of the present judiciary under the supervision of Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry with a commitment to jealously protect its independence against any onslaught from any side. Lawyers in the City like other parts of the country held meeting at bar level and carried resolutions to express their faith in the present judiciary, and support its decisions, and uphold its independent and impartial stance on dispensation of justice to the masses. The lawyers in their gathering expressed satisfaction over the performance of the existing judiciary and expressed the hope that it would live up to the public expectations to eradicate corruption and take those to task who had ruined the country through their unconstitutional, undemocratic, autocratic and arbitrary actions. Besides Lahore High Court Bar, a General House meeting of the lawyers was held, which was hugely participated by the members. The meeting was presided over by President of the Bar Mian Abdul Qaddus and participated by Secretary Supreme Court Bar Association, Raja Zulqarnain, Vice-President LHCBA Mian Shah Abbas, Secretary Babar Murtaza Khan and Treasurar Raja Sajid Hanif. Babar Murtaza, Malik Munsab Awan, Shafqat Mahmood Chauhan, Raja Sajid Hanif, Ahmad Awais, GA Khan advocate, BA Fakhri and Nisar Beg addressing the Bar recalled the lawyers struggle which won them independent judiciary with the help of the civil society and others. They said the whole world was astonished at the success of the movement and as fruit of the struggle today we had an independent, bold and vibrant institution of judiciary which was a dream of every Pakistani to end corruption in the system and to have speedy justice. They said the day called for renewing our pledge with the independent judiciary and not to shirk giving any sacrifice for its sake. They said the judiciary was independent and all other institutions were active within their sphere and the lawyers would not let anyone to act arbitrarily. The speakers asked the government to let the judiciary function as an independent institution. Mian Abdul Qauddus said lawyers struggle made possible the restoration of judiciary, which appeared impossible before March 16 last year. He said those who duped the lawyers in their struggle for independent judiciary and left them midway were today no more in the picture and were shy of showing their face to the people. He said the independent judiciary was a guarantee to a bright future of our generations to come. He also announced All Pakistan Lawyers Convention on March 20 next on the theme of rule of law and protection of the independent judiciary. The House condemned the spate of terrorism and called upon the government to adopt solid measures for protecting life and property of the citizens.