The Pakistani media is raising such hue and cry about 'chitthrol of the anti-social elements by police. No doubt every sane person, and especially one who has not suffered at the hands of criminals like the house-breaking dacoits, would condemn such treatment meted out to any citizen and would do so with abstract arguments like need for a civilized law, entitlements of human rights under the constitution, etc, etc. But strange as it may seem to them, it is looked upon differently by those who have gone through the life-changing experiences in this blighted country. I also used to stereotype police as a criminal department, devoid of any human sensibility. I had personally withstood police torture as a student political activist in Lahore Fort and had a very bitter experience of reporting a case of theft to police also. But I attribute all this to flaws in our political and judicial system now. It is when I went through the earth-shaking experience of a house-breaking dacoity in our house that my entire perception about the basic values of civilized existence and behavior changed. I realized that the house-breaking dacoits verily turn into beasts of the jungle when they enter a house to take a family hostage to do whatever they like with their property, life and honour. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the other day, called 'police chitthrol as akin to 'law of the jungle. He forgets that human beings suffer a fate worse than that of jungle animals at the hands of dacoits. His suo mottos afterwards, do nothing to provide justice to their victims. It even failed to provide any to Mukhtaran Mai. In fact our judicial system is meant only for a civilized society, whereas the society is entirely uncivilized, corrupt to the core including, dare say, the judicial system. Not even the law of jungle can work here. -T. S. BOKHARI, Attock, March 15.