I would like to draw your kind attention that one of our member of Consumer Rights Forum Pakistan has unearthed a corruption case in Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO) involving a massive amount of Rs. 1,46,30,446.46. HESCO made fake adjustment against a bill of 03-11-2010 vide reference number 19371530110050 U. Whereas total amount according to original bill was Rs. 1,69,32,806.34. Fake adjustment was made by HESCO Revenue staff of Rs. 1,46,30,446.46. The said amount has been adjusted vide CP-52. No. 164 dated 03-11-2010. We strongly request the authorities concerned to take legal action against these black sheep of HESCO WAPDA who are brining a bad name to the company. MUHAMMAD HANIF GURAYA, Lahore, March 15.