Talking to a TV channel , Director General ISPR Major General Athar Abbas made it clear that army is not getting 40 percent but only 14 percent of the national budget. He also stressed the need for revamping of civilian departments budget rather than objecting to the defence budget. There is no doubt that Pakistan, due to its geopolitical situation, is subject to international conspiracies and threats. Army is the biggest hurdle against US great game in the region. Pakistan, its army, ISI and nuclear programme are the targets of the enemy. India with its large army and now US army in Afghanistan are great threats for Pakistan. Truly, to counter these threats we need a large and strong army. Contrary to Musharraf regime, the army has earned a good name and has confined it to its professional role. It has done wonders during flood and relief operations in the country and is carrying out nation building tasks in Balochistan. Army is not a political party but a subordinate organ of the government. Given US military expenditures, we are spending minimum on the army but still we have the best army of the world. Surprisingly, proportion of defence budget to the army has been decreasing for a long time. Unfortunately, political leaders are always responsible for military intervention in Pakistan. General Ayub Khan was made defence minister in the civil government who finally took over the government. Bhutto often kept General Zia-ul-Haq with him to show the opposition that army was with him. Why do politicians seek armys help and do not keep it at arms length? In the past, the operation in South Waziristan could have been averted easily but wrong political decisions cost the nation much. Drone attacks are threat to our independence and sovereignty. Army can stop drone operations but the government has to take the final decision. Pakistan is facing economic crisis but our true representatives are bent on looting all the resources available in the country. Government is not only defying the apex court ruling but protesting violently against it. The court has contained all corrupt and criminal politicians who are finding no way to escape now. So the desperate politicians, for their political gains and to divert the attention from cases, are pointing towards the army and defence budget. Army is the disciplined institution while judiciary has established its supremacy. Now its politicians turn to establish their political credibility. Pakistan has to fight on the eastern and the western border simultaneously and also against the enemy within. So we need a strong army, restricted to the defence matters, to foil the enemys attempts. We can remain hungry but cannot cut defence budget. PEERZADAH ABDUL HAFEEZ, Multan, March 15.