Chinese Ambassador Liu Jians contention made in an interview with this paper and Nawa-i-Waqt in Islamabad that India was arming itself to the teeth while terming China a security threat deserves attention. He, however, maintained that China was keeping a close watch on the region. Indias military designs in the region are quite well known and also the fact that it hardly enjoys peaceful relations with anyone in the neighbourhood. Its stratagem is to feign enmity with China in order to curry favour with the US but in reality, behind its massive armament programme is its desire to establish predominance over Pakistan. Indian armament programme must be discouraged, as not only countless people in South Asia living below the poverty line see their countrys resources being ruthlessly spent on weapons but ultimately such massive weapons buying spree will pose a serious threat to the peace of the region. The sight of India looking daggers at its neighbours is an open threat to the peace and tranquillity of South Asia. The Chinese Ambassador also referred to the Kashmir issue and made it pretty clear that China would not issue visas to people in the held Valley on Indian passports. Concurrently, he stated that China was working on 20 strategic projects in Pakistan that had a total workforce of 20,000 Chinese. At the same time, he expressed his dismay at the non-implementation of a number of memorandums of understanding that had been signed by both sides. Islamabad must remove stumbling blocs, and not let the opportunity of benefits that would be accruing from these MoUs slip by. Inaction would also tend to harm the bilateral relations. China clearly understands that the mischief of Indias designs in the region have to be contained. Its show of support in the form of its diplomats going public against New Delhis manoeuvrings against Islamabad is a source of great strength for us and therefore all the more reason why we must further cement this precious relationship.