The recent news that more than 37 million (45%) bogus voters cast their votes in 2008 elections has raised many questions. First of all, the question arises who created that electoral rolls in which nearly half of the votes were dubious? This means that this government has got many dubious votes. Now can any one explain that if such a huge amount of dubious votes has been voted in previous elections than how this government is valid? Taking an example from spot fixing, when three Pakistani cricketers were caught of spot fixing, they were banned to play cricket. So if this is the case than this government should immediately hold elections. Care must be taken because if the same electoral rolls are maintained than the next election will also become dubious. It is time for the Election Commission and NADRA to ensure that all the voters must have CNIC. It is time for Media and civil society to launch a campaign to make Election Commission free and fair institution which has no influence from government. I also appeal to Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo moto of this and appoint a credible third party to check the new electoral rolls. MUBASHIR MAHMOOD, Karachi, March 15.