I wish Gen (retd) Mirza Aslam Baig would explain what did he mean by writing (Who is Davis? The Nation 13 Mar), The Special Investigation Centre (SIC) was established in 2005 with its headquarter in Model Town, Lahore, which was blown up some year and a half back. It is really a Gestapo organisation and employs over 600 operatives, spread all over Pakistan and is tasked to carry out all the 'dirty work, which the Pakistani intelligence agencies would not be willing to take on. It is this agency, which kidnapped hundreds of Pakistanis and handed them over to the CIA, killed and tortured many and carried out number of terrorist attacks to foment trouble and discredit the government by creating despondency amongst the people. The very painful aspect of this organisation is that majority of the operatives are Pakistanis, engaged in such heinous acts. Davis exercised direct control over this agency, maintaining close contact with Blackwater and the agency working along the north-western borders, without a name but controlled by the CIA. Did Gen Baig mean the authorities did not know what the Raymond Davis types were doing in the country? Wasnt the existence of Special Investigation Centre (SIC), commonly known among the residents of the neighbourhood as Torture and Disappearance Centre, not known to the agencies that boast of their professionalism? How come it was known to public but not to the spooks? The above quoted paragraph out of Gen Baigs article needs a lot of explaining. DR. A. P. SANGDIL, Norway, March 16.