LAHORE  - The Lahore School of Economics is organizing its Tenth Annual Conference on the Management of the Pakistan Economy on March 26-27 2014. The theme of this years Conference is “Pakistan in the Global Economy – Opportunities and challenges.
The noted economists and experts will give their presentation during the two-day conference, which included Rashid Amjad, Mushtaq Khan, Mohsin Khan, Syed Kumail Rizvi, Mnzoor Ahmed, Irfanul Haq and Nabeel Hashmi. The objective of the Lahore School’s Annual Conference is to promote timely debate on important policy issues facing the country. In each session the speakers will present papers related to the theme which will be followed by a short discussion.  The balance of payments has been an enduring constraint on Pakistan’s economic growth. Periods of relatively rapid growth have been interrupted by rising trade deficits or falling foreign financial inflows. The economic crisis of 2008 typified this sequence of events. In terms of per capita income, Pakistan has fallen behind the more rapidly growing Asian economies and its share in world trade continues to shrink.  Thus, instead of integrating into the global economy , it appears to be withdrawing. These trends need to be reversed if Pakistan’s economic growth is to rise and match the growth rates achieved by other Asian economies.
The next Annual Conference of Lahore School of Economics aims to discuss and explore the opportunities and challenges Pakistan faces as it seeks closer integration with the global economy .