Suicide bombing of two churches in Lahore, during Sunday service, one would expect Pakistan’ Prime Minster and army chief to be chairing a high-level Apex Committee, to review the progress on National Action Plan (NAP). Should we remind him of few items still missing from the agenda? Leaders of dozens of religious militant groups, such as SSP, are free to address rallies, lead ‘protest’ marches. Who can forget Malik Ishaq, dreaded chief of bloodthirsty LeJ, another banned sectarian outfit, who is also a free man with full police protection and protocol?

He is the alleged mastermind of attack on Sri Lankan cricket team in 2009, and of perpetuating killing in hundreds of sectarian minorities. Alleged mastermind in the Mumbai attacks, Ziakiur Rehman Lakhvi, is leading a comfortable and secure life, under police protection in Adiala jail. He was supposed to be incarcerated; instead he is a state guest, fully connected with the outside world via internet, mobile and television, and unrestricted meetings with any visitor. What else does he need; it’s better than the unsafe outside world.

Interestingly his visitors don’t need to identify themselves which means no records and his boss, Hafiz Saeed, of LeT-JUD, both officially banned, is not much different. He even addresses large public meetings in the heart of Lahore, leads impressive rallies in Karachi. Amusing; isn’t it? We might have officially divorced the doctrine of Good and Bad Taliban, but what about all these above mentioned in-laws who are sarcastically telling the nation that they are above the law. Perhaps we are keeping the in-laws in ‘safe’ custody for some a special purpose?


Saudi Arab, March 15.