LAHORE  - Jamaat-e-Islami chief Senator Sirajul Haq has said that the capitalists and feudal lords ruling the country are selling out important national institutions to their favourites.

Speaking as chief guest at a workers convention at Railways carriage workshop Mughalpura on Monday, Siraj added that the JI would not allow the sellout of these institutions and would raise the voice for the workers’ right at every forum.

The JI chief said it was an irony that the government, which was duty bound to provide facilities including employment to the people, was trying to snatching the last morsel of food from the poor.

He said it was the duty of the rulers to rehabilitate the institutions running in losses, as their privatization was not the answer. He warned that if those living in palaces tried to deprive the poor of their basic rights, their palaces would also not be safe.   

Sirajul Haq said that whatever development and growth was seen in the motherland was because of the hard work of the workers. He said it was a pity that the present rulers had been in power for nearly two years, but they had neither implemented their election manifesto nor given any labour policy. The capitalists sitting in the assemblies were least concerned with the problems of the poor or in their solution.

The JI chief stressed that the workers must have a share in the profits of the industries and the produce from the lands. He urged the workers and the general public to join the JI for the enforcement of the Islamic system, and added that as long as the just Islamic system was not enforced, the present system based on exploitation and tyrannical system would prevail.