Islamabad - The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has failed to shift 16 illegal slums from the urban centre despite court and presidential orders.

The presidential decree was issued in 2002 to shift all the illegal slums from the urban area, but the civic agency failed to implement the order, despite the fact that security agencies have umpteenth time declared these slums high-risk areas. The Islamabad High Court had very lately directed the civic agency to vacate the illegal slums but the order went down the drain.

A source in the CDA said that the civic agency has declared 10 slums as legal while the rest have pop up illegally.

The source said that only two slums from I-10 and I-11 sectors could be shifted to Alipur Farash Town while the rest still exist in the capital centre.

The CDA source said that the illegally operated I-11 slum commonly known as Afghan Basti has remained a nuisance for the civic agency as several attempts to vacate the slum have boomeranged.