RAWALPINDI - The Special Court for Customs, Taxation and Anti-Smuggling on Monday rejected the bail petition of famous Pakistani model, singer and actress Ayyan Ali in case of making attempt to smuggle $506,800 out of the country through Islamabad airport.

The bail plea was dismissed by Special Judge of CCTAS Mumtaz Hassan Chaudhry when the country’s top model was produced in the court by Pakistan Customs investigators.

The court also accepted the application of Customs Department in which it had sought permission for grilling Ayyan Ali to ascertain the clue about the source of the cash and why the hefty amount was being smuggled.

According to details, Ayyan was produced by Customs officials before court where she had filed a bail plea through her lawyer Khurram Latif Khosa. Arguing before the court, the defense lawyer said that his client was not trying to smuggle the currency, rather she was waiting at Rawal Lunge of Benazir Bhutto Islamabad International Airport for handing over this money to someone. He added that the lady had got this amount on behalf of her brother who is in Dubai and had sold his property in Pakistan.

“Ayyan Ali owned all the legal documents and evidences about the property deal her brother sold to a party but the investigators of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and Pakistan Customs did not provide a chance to her to table the evidence before them,” Khurram Latif Khosa mentioned before the judge.  

In response to the defense lawyer, the Speical Public Prosecutor argued that the lady was apprehended by Customs officials red handed at BBIIAP while making attempt to smuggle $506,800 out of country through Islamabad-Dubai bounded flight number EK-651 scheduled to fly on 3:30am. He added that the accused during investigation neither neither shown any evidence nor had any certificate regarding sale of property.

An Inspector Saleem of Customs Department, during the proceeding of the case, requested the judge to allow the investigators to grill Ayyan to know where the money came from and why it was being smuggled. The court accepted the request.

A person namely Raja Hafeez appeared before the court claiming to be father of the accused and said, “As my daughter is a celebrity so the allegations against her are nothing but a propaganda.” He went on saying that he was totally unaware of the fact as what had forced Ayyan to sell her property out that too allegedly to Khalid Malik, a famous property dealer in Islamabad.

After completion of the arguments of both parties, Special Judge of CCTAS Mumtaz Hassan Chaudhry rejected the bail plea of Ayyan.

Khurram Khosa, later talking to a media men, claimed that his client was trapped. He said that she sold property of her brother who lived in Dubai. He asserted the property deal was broken between her brother and the second party and she got money on behalf of her brother. “Ayyan Ali went BBIIAP to hand over the amount to a man sent by her brother to collect the money at the airport,” he said.

He claimed the issue was politicised and glamourised in media. Khosa said his client never proceeded to immigration counter nor boarded the plane. He claimed she was just waiting at Rawal Lounge to hand over the money to the person. He also said that Khalid Malik, the brother of former Interior Minister and Senator Rehman Malik, has nothing to do with this amount. He also claimed that the person’s identity, who claimed to be Ali’s father, was also doubtful as his client claimed she did not know whether her father was dead or alive. He also lashed out at FIA by accusing the agency of staging a drama and giving it a political twist. The whole story was fabricated, he added.

He demanded that the FIA should produce air ticket of her client, the tags attached to passengers’ luggage at the airport.

Nonetheless, a senior official of Customs Legal Branch, spoke with The Nation on request not to be named, said that that they produced substantial evidences before the court on which the bail application of the accused was rejected by the judge. He made it clear that the smuggling money out of the country would be probed by Customs as it has nothing to do with the fact from where the money came from.

Khalid Malik, the brother of Senator Rehman Malik, could not approached for his comments on the allegations leveled against her by Ayyan Ali. It may noted that Ayyan Ali made shocking revelations before judge that Khalid Malik gave her the amount to smuggle to USA via Dubai. Senator Rehman Malik has already denied the model’s allegations.