LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, on the recommendations of a committee, has directed all the departments to lay down performance audit system, completion of inquiries in time besides preparing a contingency plan to meet all types of emergencies.

Sources in the S&GAD disclosed that the Shahbaz Sharif has ordered to implement the instructions on perusal of the recommendations of a study group constituted to consider delay in finalisation of inquiry proceedings.

It was further directed that after appointment of inquiry committee or officer, the competent authority or the administrative department should not sit idle, wait and see. But a process of watching the progress must be put in place.

Moreover, it was also decided that a contingency plan for every organisation and office to meet all types of emergencies like fire, heavy rains, floods, terror, earthquake etc should be revised and updated from time to time. The job description or functions of every public dealing organisation should also be properly displayed in addition to the responsibilities of every branch it contains.

Talking about the contingency an officer said that it was also decided that quick response by all concerned like Police, Rescue 1122, PDMA to every type of emergent situation was required. The head office will make immediate assessment of losses under his direct supervision.  

An officer of the S&GAD requesting anonymity said some officers were caught on the wrong side of law seems to have been given a long rope by the inquiry officers. The only action being initiated against the mighty officers is just ordering of an inquiry in perpetuity.

He told that the CM took cognizance of complaints that the inquiries initiated against officials were not expeditiously finalised and remained pending. He said that the government’s pressing for early completion of inquiries had become predestined to fail because there have been so many hitches. The inquiries against officers in the departments or Anti-Corruption Establishment remained pending for years that cause embarrassment for political government.

He said that sometimes the people have to face difficulties owning to lack of information of the concerned official who was responsible for the job they wanted to address. The officials concerned twiddle their thumbs instead of resolving the genuine public issues that forced the government to issue such instructions, the officer held.  

An officer of the provincial service said that the dismissal of a PAS (formerly DMG) officer over corruption charges was one of the rare cases where action had been taken against a serving officer. The action took by the rulers might be many but inquiries remained pending in cases of graft against senior civil servants.

He said that NAB, FIA, ACE and the departmental inquiries committees could do nothing against such civil servants who after committing grave irregularities were enjoying perks. A report, he said, was submitted to the Establishment Division in this regard that says such officers had been neither cleared nor action was taken against them so far.

A retired additional secretary, he quoted, was on the record who alleged that a senior officer forced him forge the inquiry report and submit an altogether different one to the competent authority but nothing was done against the officer.

The secretary I&C was not available for comments on the issue.