LAHORE - The labour union of OGDCL has rejected the award of the NASHPA gas field on Build, Operate and Own (BOO) basis, terming it as an anti-state and anti-labour step.

Abdul Rashid Shanwari, Vice President Mazdoor Ittehad Union, OGDCL, has issued an open letter condemning the move on the part of OGDCL, saying that the labour union will protest against the award of contract. He said the OGDCL authorities working on the NASHPA gas field have decided to hand over the LPG Processing Face Plant to a private contractor and all terms and conditions have been finalised.

According to him, the employees of the OGDCL condemn the decision and are all set to launch a protest movement in case the decision is not withdrawn.

He said the employees of the OGDCL are capable to construct the project therefore this anti-worker decision should be rescinded immediately. Handing over the project to a private contractor is equivalent to a deep conspiracy against national economy and to discourage the hard working labourers of the Company.

It may be noted that the OGDCL had earlier issued a tender for construction of NASHPA gas filed on turn-key basis. However, a revised tender, issued in the last week, has offered the project on BOO basis. The labour union has expressed wonders over the revised tender, saying that the OGDCL has sufficient funds to complete the project on its own.