OTTAWA - A Pakistani facing possible deportation over the allegations of plotting to bomb the US consulate and financial buildings in Toronto was denied bail at a hearing Monday.

Jahanzeb Malik was arrested last week by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) following a federal police anti-terror squad investigation. The CBSA told the Immigration and Refugee Board hearing that the probe was continuing and no formal charges had yet been framed in the case.

Meanwhile, Malik was ordered held until a next detention review hearing on April 14, the board spokesman, Charles Hawkins, said. Malik came to Canada as a student in 2004. After five years, he was granted permanent residency. The CBSA said he planned to build remote-controlled bombs to blow up the US consulate and other buildings in Toronto."

He was also accused of planning to make a video of attacks to encourage others to do the same, according to the board documents. Rather than file charges, the authorities took him before the Immigration and Refugee Board to seek his deportation to Pakistan.