An equal armed red cross on a white background has become an iconic representative of medication and relief, and is recognisedall over the globe – perhaps more so than any other symbol, emblem of sign associated with warfare. The ICRC is one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious human rights organisation (founded in 1863) and has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize three times – the picture shows the organisation’s President Leopold Bossier with the King Olav of Norway while receiving the prize in 1963.

What started as a movement to provide neutral healthcare to all sides in times of conflict has evolved into a sprawling group that handle’s countless humanitarian duties, from investigating violations of the Geneva Convention to coordinating aid delivery programs with the United Nations, with offices in 190 countries? In recent times, the group has come under fire for its absolute stance of neutrality – as members of Hamas, viewed as a terrorist organisation by the international community – were seeking refuge in buildings in 2006 and for not revealing the contents of its negotiations with governments about their humanitarian record. In the modern world it is perhaps the only group that is truly neutral – treating every wounded soldier alike – and overwhelmingly staffed by volunteers.

Inter Arma Caritas (“Amidst War, Charity”)

–International Committee of the

Red Cross (ICRC) motto, since 1863.