India and Pakistan’s relations have always been worse due to historical rivalries and territorial disputes between them. Both states fought many wars and conflicts but in Modi era relations have become worse due to offensive overture of Modi.

The inception of this conflict took place in 1947 when the Sub-continent was divided into two countries India and Pakistan in order to give Hindus and Muslims a separate homeland. Pakistan and India both has different ideologies, culture and norms. Both states never succeeded to win mutual trust because of their unresolved issues. The division comprised of division of land, resources, man power, finances and princely states. History reveals that the distribution of assets was not done justly but the most unjustified verdict taken by the authority conducting the division was implicit decision of allocation of Kashmir. Line of control has been a bone of continent between two countries from last several years. LOC is actually military control line between India and Pakistani controlled part of jammu and Kashmir .But India Violated this ceasefire agreement and continuously doing firing on loc. After that when PCB chief Shaharyar Khan was in India for bilateral talk about cricket .

Intelligence support and high level diplomacy are the intense needs right now. Both India and Pakistan claim Kashmir to be their legal property and have come face to face in many battle fields and also on dialogue tables; but the issue remains unresolved. The hostile relations have constrained both the countries to spend immensely on weapons and defense projects, in order to ensure their freedom and sustain their sovereignty. In this regard the most vital and imperative achievement for both the countries was acquiring of Nuclear power can be considered a means to maintain balance of power in South Asia. Because India and Pakistan both have the same nuclear strength thus the threat they pose to each other is equal and of massive scale. In case of a nuclear strike by any of the countries, the loss would huge and probably fatal.


Lahore, February 22.