Rawalpindi-The Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) have carried out countrywide raids against the drug mafia and recovered 757kg narcotics and 4.5kg prohibited chemical, ANF HQs spokesperson informed on Thursday. The force also rounded up 21 smugglers including a lady and seized seven vehicles that were being used for transporting the drugs, he said.

According to him, ANF conducted 17 operations against the drug mafia in various parts of country including Rawalpindi and recovered 757kg drugs and 4.5kg prohibited chemical. The recovered drugs included 753kg hashish, 2.4kg opium, 1.7kg heroin and 4.5kg Acetic Anhydride. During operations, ANF also apprehended 21 persons including a lady involved in narcotics smuggling and seized seven vehicles.

The value of the seized narcotics is Rs 840 million in the international market, he said.

Separate cases have been registered against the detainees at respective ANF Police Stations and further investigations were underway, he said.