KARACHI - Pasban-e-Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor has demanded the government to take action against the sugar mill owners who, he alleged, were looting the consumers with both hands.

Talking to delegations at the Pasban Secretariat here on Thursday, he said that both the rulers and politicians instead of serving their vested interests should formulate policies in the larger interests of the nation and country.

He added that Pakistan Sugar Mills Association was placing advertisements to get export quota of sugar increased, which he termed clearly against the interests of Pakistani people as it would send the price of commodity soaring.

He reminded that the holy month of Ramadan was around the corner in which the demand for sugar automatically rises. He said the issues of sugar and cotton should be resolved keeping in mind the national interests.

“The notorious sugar miller mafia has already looted trillion of rupees by fleecing the Pakistani consumers with the help of concerned regulatory authorities and bureaucracy,” he said, and added, “Sugar mill owners and feudal lords are calling the shots in every political party.

Altaf further demanded that the Wadera culture should be eliminated from the Pakistani politics.

He exhorted PPP, PML-N, PTI and all other parties to refuse to bow down before the pressure of feudal lords and think for the welfare of poor people.

He said when the production of sugar had exceeded the demand; the benefit should go to the consumers in the shape of price reduction.

He expressed concern that the cultivation area of cotton was being reduced.

Pasban president further said that this was not the end of the story as in the cotton belt of south Punjab, sugar mills have been set up in violation of the court directives. He said that politicians belonging to all major political parties are involved in this scam.

He opined that increasing the export quota of sugar would not benefit the poor people of Pakistan but will only serve the vested interests of the sugar miller mafia.