One should laud the efforts of Punjab government in enhancing the standard of education in the province. In collaboration with British Council, Punjab government has started the PEELI project which stands for Punjab Education and English Language Initiative. The aim of the project is to train almost 1000 Expert Trainers from state-run schools who will further train other public sector teachers across the province. This initiative will help the teachers in two ways. First, it will be instrumental in enhancing their knowledge of English. Secondly, it will equip them with useful teaching tips to make their lessons effective and interesting. Undoubtedly, we have talented teachers but to polish their abilities they are in dire need of quality training and the PEELI project has the potential to do the needful because this project develops a teacher professionally. 

As the medium of instructions on our schools is English, it is imperative that teachers must be equipped with necessary competency to deliver their lessons effectively in the class. It is encouraging that the government is taking much pain in revamping the outdated syllabus which underscores the need for upgrading the knowledge and skills of teachers. Only a competent teacher can instil confidence in his students. Once a student gets confidence, he will make big strides in his educational career. It is an admitted fact that every year a good number of students fail in the subject of English and consequently they say goodbye to their academic career. The current trends in education compel us to do away with the outdated and traditional methods of teaching and introduce some innovative and out of the box approaches which enable the learners to keep pace with the fast-pacing world. One hopes the PEELI project will prove a gift-horse in our education system. 


Mianwali, March 5.