Generally speaking, contesting elections in Pakistan has become a matter of grave concerns for almost everyone having any direct and indirect interest in this country. The recent elections on 3 March 2018 in the upper body of the legislature portrayed the same gruesome picture of spending money lavishly . Imran Khan blatantly claimed that MPs resorting to horse-trading in consideration of financial benefits. From all corners, the smell of using filthy money rose and made the democratic setup dirty.

God knows when our democracy will come of age and when our politicians will learn clean and crystal democracy is the only option left for the country to opt. The politicians that invest millions of rupees for becoming victorious would never spare any chance to regain the amount they spent. The overall democratic system is fragile and not up-to-date. Without resources and blue-blood ancestry, no one can even think of coming to power in Pakistan.

There is no need to mention any instance from the western democracy where even the son of a Pakistani taxi driver can become mayor of London. Undoubtedly, Pakistanis especially those who lack resources are the most talented people. The only thing they need is proper and equal ground to fight. Nobody knows when sustainable democracy (SD) will prevail in Pakistan and when middle classes will rise to the occasion and come to power to curtail the influence of money in Pakistan’s politics.


Lahore, March 6.