With the latest turn of events including Indian violation of Line of Control (LoC) and working boundary as well as the harassment of Pakistan’s diplomatic staff in New Delhi, it seems that it is very hard to bring down the mounting tensions between the two sides. The developments in the last few days have made the Foreign Minister, Khawaja Asif, disappointed to the point that he expects no improvement in ties with India considering New Delhi’s hostile policy towards Islamabad.

Showing little respect for international law and obligations imposed on India, the forces of India have committed more than 400 ceasefire violations along LoC and Working Boundary since January. The deliberate targeting of the civilian population on the Pakistani side of LoC while using heavy weapons has resulted in the killing of 18 civilians so far.

It seems that the violations along LoC were not enough to deteriorate the already strained relations between the two sides, that the diplomatic staff of Pakistan and their families have started facing harassment in New Delhi. Owing to the number of instances of harassment, i.e., 26 in just eight days, Pakistan has called its envoy back from India for consultation on bullying in New Delhi. India, contrary to the established norms of providing security to the diplomats, has ignored multiple requests made by Pakistani officials to probe into the matter. The negligence makes Indian government also complicit in such despicable actions.

Such an environment is not suitable for peace in the region. Instead of realising that friendly ties and willingness to have a dialogue on the primary bone of contention between the two sides, Kashmir, the ruling party in India is attempting to avoid public accountability by blaming Pakistan for its poor governance. Such accusations will do nothing but will further encourage the war hysteria among the people.

A simple suggestion to India: creating war hysteria will favour no one. Cooperation will benefit everyone in the region.