GUJRAT-Pakistani youth possess all what it takes to turn the long-cherished dream of a prosperous and economically strong country into reality, and the first Hayatians Olympiad is an attempt to facilitate them during their journey to progress, declared the University of Gujrat vice chancellor.

UoG VC Dr Ziaul Qayyum was speaking at the opening ceremony of KATH '18 here at Hafiz Hayat Campus on Friday.

"There is no dearth of talent amongst the youth. They have all what it takes to rise equally to the occasion in trying moments - with their resilience, a discernibly pragmatic approach and a grounded but positive outlook towards complexities of life. With a little more encouragement, nurturing and training, they have a potential to become a force to reckon with," Dr Zia said, adding that their courage and determination not only strengthen our belief in them but also boost our hope about the country's bright future.

He said that it is the primary responsibility of our higher education institutions to train these young minds through character-building into a morally sound workforce with their heart teeming with love for the motherland.

He said that KATH 18, the first Hayatians Olympiad, is part of UoG efforts towards providing the younger generation a common platform to help discover and whet their potential skills, enabling them to make a worthwhile contribution to the country's progress and development.

"KATH is, in fact, a gesture of hope, a practical and concrete step towards our goal of a strong and prosperous Pakistan," Dr Zia added.

Expert BIC Muhammad Haider Miraj said that Pakistani youth hold the key to solution of all the prevailing problems as well as future challenges that may impede our national progress.

"Student teams from more than 100 national universities across the country who have gathered here will learn through various co-curricular activities and creative contests how to lead a successful life," Director SSC Muhammad Yaqoob said.

Director Media Sheikh Abdul Rashid said that KATH '18 is a beautiful blend of training and education. He expressed hope that this and similar other UoG initiatives will go a long way towards boosting the country's integrity and solidarity. He revealed that 48 UoG student societies were working together for the successful organization of the mega event. A Odium Art Society team performance, prepared by Ghaffar Mohayyuddin and directed by Ayesha Kamal Bhatti, enthralled the audience at the opening ceremony.