Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) may be struggling to make itself relevant in the 2018 general elections, but one aspect in which the party is always on point is the representation of women in mainstream politics. The party has a history of bringing women to the forefront and that precedent which was set back in the day when Benazir Bhutto became the first female Prime Minister of Pakistan is something which still reflects in the party. The recent nomination of Senator Sherry Rehman as Opposition Leader in the Senate stems from the same ideology which does not push back women from adopting frontman roles. This is the first time a woman has been nominated for this seat in Pakistan and is surely a milestone which other mainstream parties have not been able to achieve.

It goes to show that there are competent women out there and parties with an ideology like that of PPP do not hold them back merely because of their gender. This is a great example for many women out there aiming to be a part of mainstream politics in the country.

If we go back just little further, the party again succeeded in bringing a female Hindu senator to the forefront in the recent senate elections. It is no secret that minorities are on the marginalised end of the spectrum here in Pakistan. For a party to be aware of this factor and take charge, especially encouraging female politicians to go up the ladder, is a move engrained in ideology and precedent. Despite the fervent mention of standing up for the rights of the minorities, this alone is a feat many have not been to accomplish.

One aspect which separates all other parties from the PPP is its strong core and its founding principles. The party was able to push back the mainstream narrative and bring in an ideology that resonated with the people of Pakistan. At this particular time, this is precisely what the members need to be working on right now. Pakistani political landscape itself lacks the motivation that stems out of an ideology. Setting such precedents will definitely create space and the required relevance if consistency is maintained.